Monday, August 20, 2012

Sequestration's Impact on Grant Funding

The Congressional Budget Office anticipates that cuts to education funding will be in the 7.8% range should Congress be unable to come to an agreement about postponing the automatic cuts set to take effect January 2, 2013.  Some legislators have expressed concern that the cuts could be as high as 17.6% if cuts to defense spending are exempted.  According to an article in Education Week, there is little agreement within Congress about the impact of the cuts on education.

Senator Tom Harkin, chair of the appropriations subcommittee on education, has developed a report detailing a state-by-state impact of sequestration on education, health and labor (the report can be found here).  Highlights include: Title I funding to districts decreased by $1.1 billion equaling a loss of 15,523 jobs.  Special education state grants cut by $900 million. School Improvement Grant program would be cut by $41 million eliminating 75 schools currently receiving these funds.